C.R. Cline & Company, LLC

Certified Consultant of Tabs3 legal accounting software since 1998.

Are you looking for a more efficient and profitable way to manage your law practice? We can help.

  • Strategic Analysis
  • New Software Set-up and Implementation
  • Review of Accounting Procedures
  • Trust Account Review
  • Management and Productivity Reports
  • Hire and Train Accounting Personnel

Services We Provide:

Strategic Analysis

Practice law more. Manage your practice less.

Are you spending too much time solving your practice's accounting problems and not enough time solving your clients' problems? It's a common dilemma for attorneys.

We are skilled at discovering the source of your accounting problems.

We can assess whether you need new accounting software and if you do, we can demonstrate what the Tabs3 Financial and/or PracticeMaster Software can do for your profitability and your peace of mind.

System Setup and Implementation

We appreciate the opportunity to help you.

We analyze your current accounting and practice management system for inefficiencies and inaccuracies and evaluate whether or not the software we represent, Tabs3/PracticeMaster is a good fit for you. If it’s not – we'll tell you. If it is, we will walk you through the process to:

  • Convert your current software
  • Install the new software
  • Customize the new software to meet your specific needs
  • Train staff
  • Work with your firm's management to ensure that you receive the reports you need
  • Provide ongoing support
Support Services

Review of accounting procedures.

We can show you a more efficient way. We work with firms, especially during staff changes, downsizing, or growth, to review your work flow and procedures of the accounting department. In analyzing your existing system, and applying our expertise in organizational methods and accounting procedures, we save you time and money; and increase the accuracy of your accounting.

Trust accounting records review.

We can be your first line of defense. If you’re facing a State Bar Association trust account audit, let us review your records prior to the audit and help you prepare.

Partner reporting.

Receive management and financial reports you can understand. We can help you develop a suite of reports that will provide you with an accurate picture of your firm’s productivity and financial status. If a discrepancy is found, we can identify the source, and correct it.

Staff Training

Initial and on–going training.

When we install new software for your firm, we train your firm's staff. We will also follow–up to ensure that you and your staff do not require additional assistance. If you do, we are happy to help.

Need new staff?

While we aren't recruiters, or even HR people, we can help you assess potential candidates or even evaluate current staff. If you need to hire someone, we may be able to help you fill the position or help you evaluate candidates.

Firm Start–Ups

Do it right the first time.

Are you starting your practice for the first time? We can advise you about setting up various aspects of your business practice so that you are free to do the work you love.

Save yourself time and money by consulting with us at your earliest convenience. We've got the answers to those software questions you may not evven know to ask!

Products We Offer:

C.R. Cline & Company, LLC is a certified consultant for the Tabs3 and PracticeMaster suite of software products.

Tabs3 and PracticeMaster software will help you manage your time, your legal billing, your accounting and your practice.

When you call us, we provide a strategic analysis of your law practice’s accounting and practice management system. We find that the majority of our clients will benefit from one or more software products from the Tabs3 and PracticeMaster suite. If we think these products are not right for you—we tell you and will then refer you to someone else who can better meet your needs.

For more details about these affordable software systems, call C.R.Cline & Company, LLC today and we will help you choose which of the products are best for you.


Legal Case and Practice Management Software.

Helps your law firm find client, case and contact information and find it fast.

Features include:

  • Calendering
  • Conflict checking
  • Document assembly and storage
  • Client data management
Tabs3 Billing

Reliable Legal Time, Billing and Financial Software.

Features include:

  • Helps your law firm get bills out faster and increase productivity and simplifies all your legal billing tasks.
  • Provides insight into your law firm's productivity and profitability.
Tabs3 Financial

Tabs3 Financial Software is the most efficient way to handle your firm's finances, with a fully integrated package.

Software systems include:

  • General Ledger – Provides insight into your firm's business with detailed and summary financial statements.
  • Accounts Payable – Makes bill paying easier.
  • Trust Accounting – Manages trust accounts for your clients accurately and easily.

What Our Clients Say:

  • "Christina is pleasant, conscientious, knowledgeable, efficient and reliable. She was able to modernize our accounting system and get us out of the Stone Age where we were doing too many things by hand. Now we fully use the software."

    Eric Freise, Partner at Freise & Ferguson

  • "Christina is an excellent TABS resource, very knowledgeable, professional and a delight to work with. Christina is conscientious and always makes herself available when unexpected challenges arise. She has assisted our law firm for many years, and we couldn't be more pleased."

    Judy Ziegler, Law Firm Administrator at Law Offices of Judith A. Lonnquist

  • "When Christina teaches me – I get it. She's a very good teacher and is calm, informative, and always available."

    Precy Fransciso, Accounting Manager at Wilson Smith Cochran Dickerson

  • "Due to Christina's knowledge and expertise with everything from full charge bookkeeping to software implementation and training, she was able to streamline our bookkeeping needs to just two days a week. Christina is truly a lifesaver!"

    Gwen R. Crosswhite, Office Administrator at Schlemlein Goetz Fick & Scruggs, P.L.L.C.

  • "Christina has added value to my business and ease to my firm's everyday functioning. She is one of my greatest assets and I recommend her without reservation."

    Amber Curnow, Attorney Curnow Family Law

  • "I have used many different billing and accounting software programs for law firms, but Tabs3 by far is the most comprehensive. It has all the reporting that lawyers could ever need and the accounting modules are hands down the best I have used.The support we get from Christina is always accurate and professional. I would and do recommend her whenever I can. "

    Shari Hansen, Accounting Manager at Colvin + Hallett

  • "We found Christina when launching our new firm in 2009. We started with the Tabs3 system, which has turned out to be a wonderful investment that has kept pace seamlessly as the firm has grown. Even more important is that Christina has a wealth of expertise and experience, which she happily shares. She is always available to answer questions or lend assistance. Her customer service simply cannot be beat. "

    Terri Tyni, Administrator at Plauché & Carr LLP

  • "Christina's assistance in customizing PracticeMaster to my firm’s specifications has been invaluable. I wouldn’t attempt it without her! "

    Jessica M. Jensen, Jessica Jensen Law, Olympia

About C.R. Cline & Company, LLC

C.R. Cline & Company, LLC was founded in 2003 by Christina R. Cline, who has been in the legal profession since 1992. She started her career in Anchorage, Alaska as a billing and accounting clerk. In 1995 she moved to Seattle and continued working as an accounting clerk for a small insurance defense firm in downtown.

In 1998 Ms. Cline became a certified consultant for all products offered by Software Technology, Inc. and has been recognized as a leader in her industry. Ms. Cline uses her extensive knowledge in law firm billing, accounting and administration to assist firms throughout the Pacific Northwest with various accounting and practice management issues and is known for her procedural expertise, attention to detail, and responsive client service.

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